Plan your port future vertically. Rely on BOXBAY

BOXBAY is not only the solution for normal container ports, but also offers numerous possibilities for various locations. No matter whether you are planning a new terminal “on a greenfield site”, replacing an existing infrastructure or want to implement container logistics in an environment with limited space - BOXBAY is the scalable high bay store concept for everywhere.

Port operators benefit from a significantly increased storage capacity, as soon as the first part of the BOXBAY system has been commissioned. The terminal operations will not be affected in any way during the subsequent expansion activities because the BOXBAY store installed during the first stage has already increased the throughput and the storage capacity by a factor of three compared to a conventional store of the same footprint.

Tailor-made solutions for your success

It is often the case that areas that require a new container terminal for logistical reasons do not have sufficient space available. For example on steep coasts, near areas of heavy urbanization, or where there is a high density of industry. Or where land reclamation is not possible for cost-related reasons or due to environmental constraints. A BOXBAY high-bay storage system is ideal for such greenfield projects. Right from the outset, new ports can be designed from scratch for high throughput and optimum space utilization to achieve high storage capacity.

The majority of container transshipment capacity worldwide is expanded via brownfield projects, in which existing ports are extended and upgraded. Most large seaports have steadily grown since they went into operation and, in many cases, are already encroaching on the likewise expanding urban environment or industrial and transport infrastructure. Sometimes, however, the topology of the landscape, environmental regulations, or social-political resistance also set limits in terms of expansion capability.

Greenfield Projects

With high throughput, specially with limited terminal footprint

  • High waterside throughput on a short quay wall
  • Optimized yard size with minimized space and high capacity
  • Efficient landside connection to truck and rail loading
  • High level of automation
Extended Boxbay included

Existing straddle carrier terminals

Planning a change over of operation to improve yard capacity

  • Up to 4 times more yard capacity and yard throughput over the same quay wall
  • Ideal solution for straddle carrier terminals that can no longer grow due to overflow
  • Straddle carrier terminals can be easily converted to High Bay Storage solution section by section
  • No capacity losses during the conversion phase
  • Efficient landside connection to truck and rail loading
  • High level of automation
Our greenfield and brownfield concepts make BOXBAY a highly attractive option for everybody. Not only for sea ports, but also for inland ports, many of which are in urgent need for additional storage capacities. BOXBAY has the potential to take the entire logistical process chain to the next level.

Brownfield RMG

Even in comparison with RMG systems the High Bay Storage can significantly increase the yard capacity

  • Doubling the annual yard throughput capacity per hectare the High Bay Storage supports higher quay side volumes
  • Ideal solution for C-RMG terminals that can no longer grow due to overflow
  • C-RMG terminals can be step wise converted to an High Bay Storage solution section by section or even block by block
  • Efficient connection to internal horizontal transports and truck loading

Brownfield RTG

Growing need for brownfield RTG retrofits with more stacking capacity and higher performance 

  • A High Bay Storage reduces the yard storage space to almost a third of a conventional RTG yard
  • Result: boosted yard capacity or simply reassignment of land
  • Interfacing to all kind of ground transportation equipment
  • No capacity losses during the conversion phase
  • High operational efficiency through automated electrical High Bay Storage equipment

BOXBAY economics add up

The cost-effectiveness of a BOXBAY investment depends on individual location factors – especially on space and manpower costs. The higher the costs of the space required, the more interesting the BOXBAY solution is. In cases where expansion space would first need to be developed at great cost, BOXBAY also offers additional benefits.

In many regions, the investment costs for a BOXBAY system are already lower than those for conventional systems. If the lower operating costs of a BOXBAY system are also taken into account, the picture looks even better in terms of cost-effectiveness. At the same time, for many ports BOXBAY is the only means of expanding and thus securing added value.

As well as safeguarding and expanding existing added value, BOXBAY offers additional value creation possibilities. For example, if more space that can be used for other business activities outside of storage operations is freed up by storing more on the same surface area – along the lines of a fulfillment center. This "value chain compression" can further enhance the economic performance of a port – and thus create and secure prosperity.

Dr. Mathias Dobner


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