Boxbay will revolutionize the container storing of ports

BOXBAY gives the answer to the growing volume of goods traffic in sea ports and presents an opportunity to significantly increase supply chain decarbonization. A BOXBAY High Bay Storage system offers an eco-friendly solution and sets new standards in storage capacity, performance, and the digitalization of ports. BOXBAY systems achieve a three-fold increase of the transshipment capacity of container terminals. They use only one third of the footprint of conventional storage systems for an equivalent number of containers. In this way, BOXBAY solves capacity bottlenecks in container ports around the world.


BOXBAY is offering different solutions for container storing and handling by means of High Bay Storage systems – a disruptive technology that significantly improves operations at container terminals. Instead of stacking containers directly on top of each other, which has been global standard practice for decades, BOXBAY places each container in an individual rack, making each one directly accessible. The storage capability of the terminals is enhanced by stacking containers as high as 11 tiers. Containers are stored in an eleven-story rack, creating 200 percent more capacity than a conventional container terminal, or creating the same capacity in less than a third of the space.


  • Highly reliable and performant total automation system from Level 0 to Level 3
  • Automation concept is single source delivery
  • High Bay Storage digitalization package mainly comprises:
    • Energy distribution and management
    • Highly efficient drive systems
    • Control and visualization
    • Warehouse management system (High Bay Storage TOS)
    • Business Intelligence module
  • Works with any TOS


  • Direct container access at any time: each container is stored in an individual compartment
  • 100 % utilization is possible (vs. max. 70-   80 % in conventional yards)
  • Elimination of all unproductive moves
  • No shuffling or housekeeping (vs. 30-60 % in conventional yards)
  • Performance is independent from utilization and thus predictable
  • Late runners, roll overs have no performance impact
  • Truck turn around time well under 30 min


  • Small terminal footprint & outstanding sustainability
  • No local CO2 emissions: with green energy supply even zero CO2
  • High energy efficiency
  • Fully electrically driven with power regeneration
  • Solar power plant on roof
  • Noise suppressed operation
  • Lack of light pollution
  • Better public acceptance in urban environments
  • Green wall cladding possible

Modular and scalable configurations

BOXBAY has interface options for all conceivable waterside and landside transport systems. It was developed as a configurable modular solution with two basic configurations, namely SIDE-GRID® and TOP-GRID®, both of which use the same building blocks and equipment.

Both variants have a similar landside interface to the road trucks which is arranged on the landside long side of the warehouse. Transfer cranes placed there are moving containers sidewise to and from road trucks stopping under them. The difference between both variants is the waterside interface.


  • SIDE-GRID® complies with configuration of BOXBAY in Dubai
  • Intended use: water-side operation by straddle carriers or shuttle carriers
  • Water side interface: Waterside Containers go in/out via the end of the storage aisles at the side, Straddle carrier with transfer tables for decoupling.
  • Land side interface: identical to SIDE-GRID®, namely pallet conveyor with truck crane; drive thru concept for external trucks


  • Intended use: for combination with waterside terminal trucks (TT’s) or AGV's / ITV's
  • HBS steel structure lifted above traffic level
  • Completely closed all around - also on the end faces of the storage aisles
  • Water side interface: TT’s, ITV/AGVs drive underneath rack; handling directly from the top by Stacker Cranes

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