Düsseldorf, October 20, 2022

BOXBAY high-bay storage system for containers named as winning concept for German Award for Supply Chain Management 2022

Revolutionary solution for port terminals

  • Award-winning technology offers port operators efficient, climate-neutral high-bay solutions aimed at mitigating logistics bottlenecks
  • More efficient use of surface area: BOXBAY high-bay storage system offers up to three times the capacity
  • Quayside transshipment speed is up to 20% higher

The BOXBAY high-bay storage system for port terminals was presented with the German Award for Supply Chain Management at the International Supply Chain Conference. BOXBAY offers an innovative solution to some of the key challenges in container port logistics. The system is a real game changer for ports of the future, as it combines economic goals with environmental targets.

With BOXBAY, the containers are stacked up to 11 levels high in a fully automated high-bay storage system. This allows direct access to every single container. At the same time, BOXBAY can offer up to three times more capacity and efficiency compared to conventional storage systems, where containers often have to be reshuffled several times. Thanks to full automation and digitalization, the quayside transshipment speed can be increased by up to 20% – a major economic advantage for the very cost-intensive container shipping sector. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the storage system means that BOXBAY can also be operated in a CO2-neutral way.

Dr. Mathias Dobner: CEO, BOXBAY: "We are very proud that the innovative BOXBAY high-bay storage concept could convince the jury, because the "port of the future" calls for new approaches. Looking ahead, an increasing number of containers will have to be stored on the same surface area. Access times will also have to be shorter. We cannot do both simultaneously with existing concepts. With BOXBAY, we are able to create more space for the containers on the same surface as before, while at the same time increasing throughput. This not only solves the acute problem we are currently experiencing, but also prevents similar negative disruptions in the movement of goods by freeing up new space for logistics chains and port operators."

SMS group originally developed the BOXBAY high-bay storage system to handle metal coils that can weigh up to 40 tons. Stored in shelving systems up to 50 meters high, these coils can be automatically moved in and out 24 hours a day. Now for the first time, this proven technology has been successfully transferred to port logistics.

In January 2021, a first facility was put into operation in Dubai. Up to the end of June 2022, 150,000 container movements were carried out under realistic operating conditions and verified the market maturity of the system. BOXBAY is already being put to the test by leading global port operators. Several projects are currently in the design, layout, or budgeting phase.

Founded by leading global port operator and logistics provider DP World and SMS group GmbH, BOXBAY is a joint venture offering disruptive technology that is opening up new opportunities for container port operators to run their ports successfully in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner and to contribute to the decarbonization of the supply chain.

Happy winners from SMS group and DP World accept the German Award for Supply Chain Management 2022.
The BOXBAY High Bay Storage system won. Happy winners from SMS group and DP World accept the German Award for Supply Chain Management 2022. (BVL/Bublitz)

BOXBAY is an international joint-venture formed by global trade enabler DP World and industrial engineering specialists SMS group and is offering different solutions for container storing and handling by means of High Bay Storage (HBS) systems - a disruptive technology that significantly improves operations at container terminals. BOXBAY gives the answer to the growing volume of goods traffic in sea ports and presents an opportunity to significantly increase supply chain decarbonization. A BOXBAY High Bay Storage system offers an eco-friendly solution and sets new standards in storage capacity, performance, and the digitalization of ports.


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